What does the word deciduous mean?

Usage examples for deciduous

  1. There was timber in the valley below, though, and on the hills beyond, deciduous, somewhat like oak. – Cat and Mouse by Ralph Williams
  2. I was suspicious of a rather distant hill- top covered with pine- trees; but before I could make it convenient to visit the place at the proper hour, I discovered, quite unexpectedly, that the roost was close by the very road up and down which I had been walking; an isolated piece of swampy wood, a few acres in extent, mostly a dense growth of gray birches and swamp white oaks, but with a sprinkling of maples and other deciduous trees. – The Foot-path Way by Bradford Torrey
  3. Everything suggests that the deciduous tree evolved to meet an increase of cold, not of heat. – The Story of Evolution by Joseph McCabe