What does the word impunity mean?

Usage examples for impunity

  1. No one could infringe those rights with impunity: hence you will notice what is said here, " The chief captain was afraid when he knew that he was a Roman because he had bound him." – The Negro and the elective franchise. A Series Of Papers And A Sermon (The American Negro Academy. Occasional Papers, No. 11.) by Archibald H. Grimké, Charles C. Cook, John Hope, John L. Love, Kelly Miller, and Rev. Frank J. Grimké
  2. Yet there were many things, quite as impossible in real life, that we could do with impunity- most delightful things! – Peter Ibbetson by George Du Maurier
  3. We frequently do good to enable us with impunity to do evil. – The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to Prose, Vol. VII (of X)--Continental Europe I by Various