What does the word Quartered mean?

Usage examples for Quartered

  1. Directly some of our regiment discovered a man in one of the Pennsylvania companies who had been arrested by our regiment as a spy, while we were quartered at the Patent office in Washington. – History of Company F, 1st Regiment, R.I. Volunteers, during the Spring and Summer of 1861 by Charles H. Clarke
  2. It had already been decided that the party orator who was to come to speak at the projected mass meeting would be quartered at Trirodov's: this was thought to be the least dangerous place. – The Created Legend by Feodor Sologub
  3. Orders came that the best presence chamber in the Manor- house should be prepared, the same indeed where Queen Mary had been quartered before the lodge had been built for her use. – Unknown to History A Story of the Captivity of Mary of Scotland by Charlotte M. Yonge