What does the word earldom mean?

Usage examples for earldom

  1. Mr. Walsh sailed in the Doutelle, after receiving the prince's warmest thanks, and a letter to his father in Rome begging him to grant Mr. Walsh an Irish earldom as a reward for the services he had rendered, a recommendation which was complied with. – Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden by G. A. Henty
  2. It arose when they reached that portion of the tale in which the true heir to an earldom and its wealth offers to leave all in the possession of the usurper, on the one condition of his ceasing to annoy a certain lady, whom, by villainy of the worst, he had gained the power of rendering unspeakably miserable. – The Marquis of Lossie by George MacDonald
  3. His family had always been associated with the ancient temple and earldom of Hlade; and it was a matter of pride with him to retain his ancestral dignity. – The Story of Norway by Hjalmar H. Boyesen