Usage examples for Caligraphy

  1. Consequently she was a very curious- looking dog; but she was well protected by all that caligraphy. – Lafcadio Hearn by Nina H. Kennard
  2. The notes were written in Sir Thomas's clear caligraphy, in short, jerky sentences, just as the sick man had spoken them, usually in reply to questions put to him. – The Heart of a Woman by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy
  3. But to make the matter worse, it was found that Flutter, who was skilled in caligraphy, and could imitate the signatures of others to perfection, had raised a large amount of money on a species of collateral that proved to be worthless, though excellent as illustrating his skill in imitation. – The Life and Adventures of Maj. Roger Sherman Potter by "Pheleg Van Trusedale" A pseudonym for Francis Colburn Adams