Part of speech: verb

To strengthen; prop; bind.

Part of speech: noun

A support to hold something firmly in place.

Part of speech: noun

A crank- like handle, as for a bit. See illus. at BIT.

Part of speech: noun

A clasp; a curved line for uniting words, etc.

Part of speech: noun

A pair; couple; two.

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Usage examples "brace":

  1. " In our army the fear prevailed that the Tsar would never brace himself up to the decision to make war. - "The Coming Conquest of England", August Niemann.
  2. Brace up, Patty girl, don't let this thing floor you. - "Patty's Suitors", Carolyn Wells.
  3. The momentary stir gave her a chance to brace herself. - "The Amazing Interlude", Mary Roberts Rinehart.