Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech:


Part of speech: verb

To rouse; excite; animate; intoxicate.

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Usage examples "stimulate":

  1. When the mind is dull and the spirits low and we have no inspiration for prayer, the reading of a spiritual poem will often so stimulate the mind, raise the spirits, and animate the soul, as to make it easy for us to pray. - "How to Live a Holy Life", C. E. Orr.
  2. But agin I didn't take particular notice, looking on myself as called upon to stimulate public feeling. - "Mugby Junction", Charles Dickens.
  3. This book is meant to confirm our knowledge and to stimulate and direct, in a measure, our action; and to avert, if possible, the consequences of not acting. - "The Subterranean Brotherhood", Julian Hawthorne.