Part of speech: noun

A portion.

Part of speech: adjective

Of indeterminate or moderate quantity or amount.

Part of speech: adjective

Not definitely known.

Part of speech: adjective

Part, but not all.

Part of speech: pronoun

Certain individuals not designated.

Part of speech: adverb

In an approximate degree; about.

Part of speech:

Forming adjectives denoting a considerable degree of the quality expressed; as, darksome, quarrelsome.

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Usage examples "some":

  1. Suppose you come in some other time. - "At Sunwich Port, Complete", W.W. Jacobs.
  2. He did so for some time. - "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable.
  3. Can't we go some other way? - "Dot and the Kangaroo", Ethel C. Pedley.