Part of speech: verb

To form pods.

Part of speech: noun

A round pod, as of flax.

Part of speech: noun

A knob.

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Usage examples "boll":

  1. Harlson, in the tree, saw it all, and, as a fireman drops with a rush down the pole in the engine- house, he came down the maple's boll and bounded toward the log. - "A Man and a Woman", Stanley Waterloo.
  2. Among these are the cotton caterpillar and the boll- worm, the former being propagated from eggs deposited by a moth, which do great damage if allowed to hatch, by the larva feeding upon the plant. - "The Khedive's Country", George Manville Fenn.
  3. Yet in a few days he was forced to go And work beneath the intolerable sun, Picking the cotton- boll, and bearing it In a rude basket, on his wounded back, Up a steep hill- side to the cotton gin. - "Stories in Verse", Henry Abbey.