Part of speech: verb

To enclose in or separate from a shell, husk, or the like.

Part of speech: verb

To bombard with shells.

Part of speech: noun

A hard structure, incasing an animal, egg, or fruit; a light racing rowboat; a hollow shot filled with an explosive; a metallic cartridge case.

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Usage examples "shell":

  1. How do you suppose that shell got where you found it? - "Hidden Gold", Wilder Anthony.
  2. Now and then a shell found its mark, but it left us absolutely cold as to its effect on each man at a time like this. - "America's War for Humanity", Thomas Herbert Russell.
  3. Two shot had already passed through her sail, and a shell had burst so near that possibly some of her crew might have been hit. - "The Three Commanders", W.H.G. Kingston.