Part of speech: adjective

Not becoming; unsuitable; improper.

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Usage examples "unbecoming":

  1. You are a prudent man, and though the warmth of my temper betrayed me into some unbecoming expressions, I honour your virtue, and wish to be indebted to you for the repose of my life and the preservation of my family." - "The Castle of Otranto", Horace Walpole.
  2. One is often caught unawares in soiled, unbecoming garments. - "The Colored Girl Beautiful", E. Azalia Hackley.
  3. The children are ill in bed, and nurse has got the influenza, and my husband declares that ruin is staring us in the face, and I've got an unbecoming frock, and altogether I'm thoroughly depressed.... - "English Society", George Du Maurier.