Part of speech: verb

To remove as a burden; free from a burden; relieve, as the mind or heart.

Part of speech: adjective

Unburdene) d.

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Usage examples "unburden":

  1. After saying, for example, that Bernardino Caimi had returned from Jerusalem in 1481 full of devotion and with the fixed intention of reproducing the Holy City on Italian soil, he continues:- " With this holy intent the good ecclesiastic journeyed to the mountains of Biella, and thence to the Val d'Ossola, and thence to several places in the Valsesia, which of all others was the valley in which he was most inclined to unburden his mind of the treasure of his heroic design. - "Ex Voto", Samuel Butler.
  2. She wanted somebody to whom she could unburden her mind. - "The Late Mrs. Null", Frank Richard Stockton.
  3. It is not of anything so paltry I would unburden my mind. - "Faith and Unfaith", Duchess.