Part of speech: noun

The act of preserving, or the state of being preserved.

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Usage examples "preservation":

  1. Fortunately for those upon whom they are bent, an instinct of self- preservation stays him. - "The Lone Ranche", Captain Mayne Reid.
  2. He was a man of too much imagination not to be able to put himself, in some measure at least, in her place,- to perceive that for her the step which had placed her in Tryon's world was the working out of nature's great law of self- preservation, for which he could not blame her. - "The House Behind the Cedars", Charles W. Chesnutt.
  3. Louis Philippe saw that if this despatch reached the hands of Laffitte and the war party in the Council of Ministers the preservation of peace would be almost impossible. - "History of Modern Europe 1792-1878", C. A. Fyffe.