Part of speech: noun

A sailor.

Part of speech: verb

To cover with tar.

Part of speech: noun

A dark, viscid, oily liquid obtained from resinous woods, coal, etc.

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Usage examples "tar":

  1. But I think that when I said hard things to the folk of a toon they were well served, as a rule, and I know that it's so that often and often folk turned to doing the things I'd blamed them for not doing even while they were most bitter against me, and most eager to see me ridden oot o' toon upon a rail, wi' a coat o' tar and feathers to cover me! - "Between You and Me", Sir Harry Lauder.
  2. At the time the ship was sinking, an open barrel of tar stood on deck. - "The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, & Heroism. Volume 1", Frederick Whymper.
  3. In order to save the tar- paper roof, we decided it would be necessary to get out in this wind and nail down more securely certain parts that were especially exposed. - "The Early History of the Airplane The Wright Brothers' Aeroplane, How We Made the First Flight & Some Aeronautical Experiments", Orville Wright Wilbur Wright.