Part of speech: verb

To put or pack in a barrel.

Part of speech: noun

A round vessel, made with staves and hoops, about 31 inches high.

Part of speech: noun

As much as a barrel will hold.

Part of speech: noun

Something like a barrel, as the tube of a firearm, the body of an animal, etc.

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Usage examples "barrel":

  1. Miss Drewitt, after a moment's hesitation, followed, and after one delighted glance at the trim old garden gazed curiously at a mast with a barrel fixed near the top, which stood at the end. - "Dialstone Lane, Part 1.", W.W. Jacobs.
  2. The king's daughter sent for the spirits and the wheat, had them mixed together, and put in an open barrel before the fire. - "Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland", Jeremiah Curtin.
  3. It proved to be the side of a barrel, and I succeeded in getting one paw over the edge of it. - "Letters from a Cat", Helen Jackson.