Part of speech: verb

To put paper upon; cover with paper.

Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to paper.

Part of speech: noun

A substance made from fibrous material, as rags in thin sheets or strips; a piece of such material.

Part of speech: noun

A printed or written instrument; newspaper; essay; pledges or promises to pay, collectivelY.

Part of speech: noun

A package in a paper wrapping.

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Usage examples "paper":

  1. Then you think we couldn't have a school paper. - "Paul and the Printing Press", Sara Ware Bassett.
  2. And I'd like you to know at once that my paper wants the human note, the real heart- beat of things. - "The Fourth Series Plays, Complete", John Galsworthy.
  3. Look at him there behind his paper, like it was a law he had to read every word! - "Every Soul Hath Its Song", Fannie Hurst.