Part of speech: verb

To fasten, as with a nail.

Part of speech: noun

A thing horny plate on the end of a finger of toe.

Part of speech: noun

A metal pin with point at one end and head at the other, for driving into wood.

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Usage examples "nail":

  1. He can no more take in the idea that your objection to him is he than a board can draw a nail into itself. - "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable.
  2. Just nail Gryson up to the cross, where he belongs, and keep young Blount busy and out of town; I leave the details to you. - "The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush", Francis Lynde.
  3. Now to say that the psychic wrote this with her finger- nail on the bottom of the slate and then turned the slate over is to me absurd. - "The Shadow World", Hamlin Garland.