Part of speech: noun

The state of being sufficient.

Part of speech: noun

That which is sufficient.

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Usage examples "sufficiency":

  1. The faith of the one is in the self- sufficiency of the disciplined spirit of mankind; the unfaith of the other is in its glorification of the natural world and in its allegiance to the momentary devices and desires of the separate heart. - "Preaching and Paganism", Albert Parker Fitch.
  2. Government policy has accorded a high priority to the expansion and modernization of agricultural production as a means of attaining self- sufficiency in foods. - "Area Handbook for Albania", Eugene K. Keefe Sarah Jane Elpern William Giloane James M. Moore, Jr. Stephen Peters Eston T. White.
  3. The explanation of this may be looked for partly in the self- sufficiency of his strong intellect, partly in the limitations of the emotional side of his nature, and partly in his fine heritage of natural goodness. - "Herbert Spencer", J. Arthur Thomson.