Part of speech: verb

To convert into a single fund secured by stocks or bonds.

Part of speech: noun

A sum of money or stock of convertible wealth; a reserve; ample stock.

Part of speech: noun

Money lent to a government; a funded debt; used in the plural.

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Usage examples "fund":

  1. Of course, I intended to come back, and pay our good friend, the landlord, and give you your share of the common fund." - "The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way", Horatio Alger.
  2. What they lost or failed to collect was charged up as " campaign expense" against the Foundation Fund! - "The Co-Citizens", Corra Harris.
  3. Simply that the campaign fund which Burbank must get to be elected won't go to him, but will be at the disposal of your national committee. - "The Plum Tree", David Graham Phillips.