Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun

The state or fact of being adequate. adequateness.

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Usage examples "adequacy":

  1. These demands received serious consideration on the part of the governments, but were denied on the general ground of the doubtful adequacy of such a measure to meet the situation, and the danger of upsetting the gold standard of value. - "The Economic Aspect of Geology", C. K. Leith.
  2. At the basis of great poetry lies an all- embracing realism, an adequacy to all experience, a refusal of the merely personal in exultation or dismay. - "Aspects of Literature", J. Middleton Murry.
  3. John evidently " knew his way about," as they say; and I was diverted to think how Miss Josephine St. Michael would have nodded over his adequacy and shaken her head at his squandering it on such a companion. - "Lady Baltimore", Owen Wister.