Part of speech: noun

Wealth; property.

Part of speech: noun

The material of which anything is made.

Part of speech: noun

The essential part; brief summary; solid basis.

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Usage examples "substance":

  1. He meanes, my Lord, that we are too remisse, Whilest Bullingbrooke through our securitie, Growes strong and great, in substance and in friends Rich. - "Richard-II", Shakespeare, William.
  2. And then he went on to tell his story, the substance of which was as follows: On the previous morning about dawn the people at the Dalton Inn were aroused by a hurried knock. - "The Living Link", James De Mille.
  3. She taught me that there's an appearance which may be mistaken for the substance. - "The Iron Furrow", George C. Shedd.