Part of speech:


Part of speech: adjective

Relating to or like a hero; brave; venturesome.

Part of speech: adjective

Art. Larger than life.

Part of speech: noun

A heroic verse; in the plural, extravagances of language. heroical.

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Usage examples "heroic":

  1. But Edwin Clayhanger seemed to be incapable of an heroic action. - "Hilda Lessways", Arnold Bennett.
  2. But that is an heroic deed without an equal! - "The Sign of Flame", E. Werner.
  3. She had thought herself very heroic, and that she should be ready to sacrifice her husband for the good of his country; but when it came to the point, she could not bear the idea of parting from him. - "The Three Commanders", W.H.G. Kingston.