Part of speech: verb

To begin battle or conflict with; assail; assault; make an onset; criticize; censure.

Part of speech: verb

To start vigorously on ( a task).

Part of speech: verb

To act upon vigorously, as acid upon metal.

Part of speech: noun

The act of attacking; an onset; an attacking force; a seizure, as by disease.

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Usage examples "attack":

  1. It was just at dawn when the German attack began. - "The Red Cross Girls with the Russian Army", Margaret Vandercook.
  2. It was some time before he returned to the attack. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
  3. But they attack men sometimes, don't they? - "Middy and Ensign", G. Manville Fenn.