Part of speech: noun

Courage; intrepidity.

Part of speech: noun

Intrepid courage; personal bravery. valour.

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Usage examples "valor":

  1. Stout hearts, however, ultimately gained the day, and we in the twentieth century are reaping the benefits won for the country by the valor of our great- grandfathers. - "The Dominion in 1983", Ralph Centennius.
  2. Dickey's valor did not fade, but his discretion came to the surface with a suddenness that took his breath away. - "Castle Craneycrow", George Barr McCutcheon.
  3. Frank, we know, was not wanting in courage, but he had learned, by experience, that there are times when " discretion is the better part of valor." - "Frank on the Lower Mississippi", Harry Castlemon.