What does the word odorous mean?

Usage examples for odorous

  1. And, since it was a superstition of the house never to change the name of one of its vessels, the schooner Ella, odorous of fresh lumber or raw rubber, as the case might be, dingy gray in color, with slovenly decks on which lines of seamen's clothing were generally hanging to dry, remained, in her metamorphosis, still the Ella. – The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. In a chiselled urn upon the table there was a faded white rose, whose leaves- excepting one that still held- had all fallen, like odorous tears, to the foot of the vase. – Clarimonde by Théophile Gautier
  3. The warmer southwest trades had brought him clouds, rain, and the transient glories of quick grasses and odorous beach blossoms. – Drift from Two Shores by Bret Harte