Part of speech: verb

Will not.

Part of speech: verb

To be accustomed.

Part of speech: verb

To habituate; used reflexively.

Part of speech: adjective

Using or doing habitually; accustomed; used.

Part of speech: noun

Ordinary manner of doing or acting; habit.

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Usage examples "wont":

  1. But you'll show me a lock, wont you? - "The Claverings", Anthony Trollope.
  2. Old Josey Letherbarrow sat in his usual corner,- everything was precisely the same as it was wont to be- and yet a sense of vague trouble oppressed him,- he saw, or thought he saw, an expression on some of the faces of his parishioners which was new to him, and he felt instinctively that some disturbing element had found its way into the peace of the village, though what the trouble could be, he was at a loss to imagine. - "God's Good Man", Marie Corelli.
  3. And she was wont to say, with a sad smile, that this work of looking after the little ones was something of a consolation for her, since it was now certain that she would never have a child of her own. - "Fruitfulness Fecondite", Emile Zola.