Part of speech: noun

following in time

Part of speech: adjective

Farther aft.

Part of speech: adverb

At a later time.

Part of speech: adverb

In the rear; behind.

Part of speech: preposition

In succession to; subsequently to; because of; not with standing.

Part of speech: preposition

Behind, back of, or below in rank; inferior to; in pursuit of; in search of.

Part of speech: preposition

In relation to; about; for; in imitation of; in obedience to; according to.

Part of speech: preposition

For the sake of; by the name of.

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Usage examples "after":

  1. After all, there was nothing to remember. - "This Is the End", Stella Benson.
  2. I've got you, after all this?" - "The Rangeland Avenger", Max Brand.
  3. Now then, who have you got to come and look after you all? - "Leonore Stubbs", L. B. Walford.