Part of speech: noun

A set of leaves, etc., distributed in a circle in a single plane.

Part of speech: noun

A turn, as of a spiral shell.

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Usage examples "whorl":

  1. Is any other blossom poised quite so airily above its whorl of leaves as the delicate, frosty- white little star- flower? - "Wild Flowers Worth Knowing", Neltje Blanchan et al.
  2. A narrow- chested woman, caught in the whorl of one such vortex, fainted back against the bundle- laden arms that pressed her on. - "Every Soul Hath Its Song", Fannie Hurst.
  3. A streak of yellow and a flaming whorl had shot athwart the sky; dawn was breaking swiftly in the Arctic east. - "The Ice Pilot", Henry Leverage.