Part of speech: verb

To breathe.

Part of speech: noun

The tapering top of a tower; a steeple; a slender stalk, as of grass.

Part of speech: noun

A spiral; whorl; twist.

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Usage examples "spire":

  1. I looked for the square tower of my old school, and the sharp proud spire of St. Andrews. - "The White Peacock", D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence.
  2. The cathedral spire, where it rose beyond the fields in the ruddy evening skies or in the dim, gray, misty morning, said other things to him than this. - "Journeys Through Bookland Volume Four", Charles H. Sylvester.
  3. Early in the beginning of February, 1528, a letter of the Emperor, written from Spire, reached Luzern, with complaints about this alliance; very similar ones were received from the authorities of the Austrian Government at Ensisheim and Inspruck, and still a fourth one from the captains of the Swabian League. - "The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli", Johann Hottinger.