Part of speech: noun

The state of a ward; pupilage.

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Usage examples "wardship":

  1. When the king granted the wardship of a rich heir to any one, he had the opportunity of enriching a favourite or minister: if he sold it, he thereby levied a considerable sum of money. - "The History of England, Volume I", David Hume.
  2. But ye come with lies, Man and Snake both, and would have me believe the city is not, and that my wardship ends. - "The Second Jungle Book", Rudyard Kipling.
  3. Yea, madam, that is most true, but you wot how the Queen treats all who may have any claim to the throne in future times; and were it reported by any of the spies that are ever about us, how royal honours were paid to the little Lady Arbell, might she not be taken from your ladyship's wardship, and bestowed with those who would not show her such loving care? - "Unknown to History A Story of the Captivity of Mary of Scotland", Charlotte M. Yonge.