Part of speech: verb

To repel or turn aside, as a blow; defend.

Part of speech: noun

A person who is under the guardianship of another.

Part of speech: noun

A section of a city; division in a hospital, prison, etc.; division in a lock or key.

Part of speech:

Denoting motion to or from a point; as, upward, outward.

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Usage examples "ward":

  1. He was quite alone at the end of the ward. - "A Diary Without Dates", Enid Bagnold.
  2. He sat up in bed and looked around the dark ward. - "A Filbert Is a Nut", Rick Raphael.
  3. He told of one man who had come to the office on the eve of departure for Europe and handed Ward a check for fifty thousand dollars, saying: I have no use for it at present. - "Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens", Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009.