Part of speech: adjective

Having no scruples of conscience; unprincipled.

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Usage examples "unscrupulous":

  1. She had found in him an inexorable resolution to have what he wanted in life, which had rendered him, more than once within her knowledge, unscrupulous as to the means he used in the securing of his ends. - "A Manifest Destiny", Julia Magruder.
  2. No, said the Major, looking at the frank brave face of his host, but Burgh is unscrupulous, and will make mischief. - "The Mandarin's Fan", Fergus Hume.
  3. We are familiar with her brave conduct in defense of her hereditary lands against the unscrupulous ambition of Frederick the Great. - "A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1.", Carlton J. H. Hayes.