Part of speech: adjective

Having a disagreeable taste or odor.

Part of speech: adjective

Suggesting something offensive.

Part of speech: adjective

Associated with something morally bad.

Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "unsavory":

  1. I know that the newspapers occasionally print things about me that might be termed unsavory. - "Syndrome", Thomas Hoover.
  2. Into his forty- five years of existence he had crowded a century of experience, and unsavory rumors about him existed in all parts of the great West. - "Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up Bar-20", Clarence Edward Mulford.
  3. Liver- eating, who is an unsavory character himself, had once heard Shelley address a small group of critics in front of the post office, and had wanted to adopt him right there. - "Ma Pettengill", Harry Leon Wilson.