Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech:

Descending by inheritance.

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Usage examples "hereditary":

  1. She sat watching the little fire, and brooding almost to insanity over the strange revolution that a few hours had made in her life, driving her so suddenly from her own hereditary manor- house, her home of wealth and honor and safety, out into the perilous wilderness, a fugitive from the law. - "Cruel As The Grave", Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth.
  2. We thought it was the shock, but Dr. Bevan, who attended him, then told us that it was due also to hereditary disease. - "Doctor Luttrell's First Patient", Rosa Nouchette Carey.
  3. Membership is hereditary; for in India, as in all oriental countries, it is customary for children to follow the trade or profession of their father. - "Modern India", William Eleroy Curtis.