Part of speech: adjective

Not canny. Particularly; ( 1) Exciting superstitious fear; weird. ( 2) Unskilful; incautious. ( 3) Unsafe dangerous. ( 4) Severe.

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Usage examples "uncanny":

  1. There was once a person possessing a fund of uncanny humour who greatly desired to import from past ages a corps of knights in full armour. - "Last Words", Stephen Crane.
  2. It was like some uncanny moving picture that he was watching. - "Doors of the Night", Frank L. Packard.
  3. None of them could ever describe what it was like; indeed, it seemed to possess a character all its own, and somehow caused the " goose- flesh" to creep over their bodies, even though they knew the origin of the uncanny cry. - "The Boy Scouts with the Motion Picture Players", Robert Shaler.