Part of speech: verb

To shriek; scream.

Part of speech: noun

A shrill, harsh cry; shriek.

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Usage examples "screech":

  1. Oncle Jazon, who was still squatting by the little fire, tumbled over backwards, as if Beverley had kicked him; and there he lay on the ground with his slender legs quivering akimbo in the air, while he laughed in a strained treble that sounded like the whining of a screech- owl. - "Alice of Old Vincennes", Maurice Thompson.
  2. The man gave a screech as Harris' hands squeezed. - "The Boy Allies at Jutland", Robert L. Drake.
  3. Wait then till you hear and see me and my men come rushing down the track, and then screech a second time. - "The Madman and the Pirate", R.M. Ballantyne.