What does the word tracing mean?

Usage examples for tracing

  1. I locked the door to guard against all intrusion, and then returned to my task- returned to my momentous search- slowly tracing my way through the paper, paragraph by paragraph, column by column. – Basil by Wilkie Collins
  2. And then Sir Tristram alighted, and dressed him unto battle; and there they lashed together strongly as racing and tracing, foining and dashing, many sad strokes, that the kings and knights had great wonder that they might stand; for ever they fought like wood men, so that there was never knights seen fight more fiercely than they did; for Sir Blamore was so hasty that he would have no rest, that all men wondered that they had breath to stand on their feet; and all the place was bloody that they fought in. – Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume I (of II) King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table by Thomas Malory
  3. Ashton- Kirk's hard to fool, and he must have had an eye on her and been tracing her doings from the first. – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre