Part of speech:

Serving to stimulate.

Part of speech: noun

Anything that stimulates, as an intoxicant.

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Usage examples "stimulant":

  1. Money, now- the spoil or the steed of the traveller- would have been a far more decided stimulant to action. - "Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia", William Gilmore Simms.
  2. This course would, at any rate, keep alive the spirit of emulation which, in itself, is a wholesome stimulant to enterprise and endeavour, as well as to economy. - "Fifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland", Joseph Tatlow.
  3. They forced a little of the stimulant through Phyllis' teeth, and presently her color began to come back. - "The Wishing-Ring Man", Margaret Widdemer.