Part of speech: verb

To cover with a case; incase.

Part of speech: noun

The state of things; condition; situation; instance; event; contingency; in law, a cause of action; a suit.

Part of speech: noun

The relation of a noun, pronoun, or adjective to other words.

Part of speech: noun

A covering in which something may be kept; quantity or number so contained; a set; a tray for holding type.

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Usage examples "case":

  1. You are a hard case!" - "Hildegarde's Harvest", Laura E. Richards.
  2. " I've brought you a case that I don't know what to do with," she began. - "The Bent Twig", Dorothy Canfield.
  3. And is this always the case? - "Phaedo The Last Hours Of Socrates", Plato.