Part of speech: noun

A tree that has had its branches cut so that it puts out thick clusters of shoots.

Part of speech: noun

An animal that has lost its horns.

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Usage examples "pollard":

  1. They were then well furnished with long and heavy poles, which were severed close to the head of the pollard with a sharp axe. - "Grain and Chaff from an English Manor", Arthur H. Savory.
  2. We adore Miss Pollard and Miss Fanny. - "Monitress Merle", Angela Brazil.
  3. The prisoner having gone through her defence, the King's Counsel, in reply, observed, That the prisoner had given no evidence in contradiction of the facts established by the witnesses for the crown; that indeed, Anne Lear and Elizabeth Pollard had sworn to an expression of Lylie Ruffiniac, which, if true, served to show ill- will in Ruffiniac towards the prisoner, but that he thought the incident was too slight to deserve any manner of credit. - "Beggars on Horseback", F. Tennyson Jesse.