Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Covered with bushes; shaggy.

Part of speech: adverb


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Usage examples "bushy":

  1. He stood up- a big, dominating figure- a reassuring man to look at, with his kindly face, his bushy, square beard, and his appearance of physical strength. - "The Necromancers", Robert Hugh Benson.
  2. His son was dark, with bushy eyebrows, large stern features, and a high narrow head, like old Grand. - "Fated to Be Free", Jean Ingelow.
  3. One in particular, a tall strong man of about forty, with a bushy black beard and a stern aspect, walked about the quarterdeck with a frown on his countenance that betokened a mind ill at ease. - "The Lifeboat", R.M. Ballantyne.