Part of speech: verb

To provoke; make envious; pride ( oneself).

Part of speech: noun

Slight resentment, as from wounded pride.

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Usage examples "pique":

  1. For three consecutive days Mrs. Ffinch- Brown swooped down upon the Robson household and gave vent to her pique. - "The Blood Red Dawn", Charles Caldwell Dobie.
  2. She was very good- natured, but there was a shade of pique in her manner, which probably arose from my refusal to avail myself of her help for the secret marriage which had been proposed. - "Ellen Middleton--A Tale", Georgiana Fullerton.
  3. But such dazzling beauty as hers could not go altogether unnoticed by the most casual attendant, sentinel, or lord- in- waiting, and the very fact that special commands had been issued to guard all the doors of entrance to the Royal apartments on either hand, during her visit, only served to pique and inflame the general curiosity. - "Temporal Power", Marie Corelli.