Part of speech: verb

To wish for; covet; crave; request.

Part of speech: noun

An earnest wishing for something; longing; craving; appetite; passion.

Part of speech: noun

A request; wish; prayer.

Part of speech: noun

An object desired.

Part of speech: noun

Desirability, desirableness.

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Usage examples "desire":

  1. He would have been glad to get out just then, but he wasn't anxious for Angela to be conscious of that desire. - "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.
  2. He laughed without any desire to laugh, simply to do as the others did. - "Fromont and Risler, Complete", Alphonse Daudet Last Updated: March 3, 2009.
  3. Geoffrey, once for all, I desire you to have nothing to do with him. - "Mrs. Geoffrey", Duchess.