Part of speech: noun

A small food - fish.

Part of speech: verb

To place, alight, or sit on a perch; roost.

Part of speech: noun

A staff, pole, or slat; a roost.

Part of speech: noun

A measure; ( 1) one rod ( 16. 5 feet). ( 2) In stonework, about 25 cubic feet.

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Usage examples "perch":

  1. It was good and hot on the perch I'd picked out and I could feel the sun doing things to the back of my neck and ears, but I didn't dare climb down for fear I'd be missed. - "Torchy and Vee", Sewell Ford.
  2. And he told them of the pike that hid the lover of the princess by swallowing him and lying at the bottom of a deep pool, and how the princess saw her lover sitting in the pike, when the big fish opened his mouth to snap up a little perch that swam too near his nose. - "Old Peter's Russian Tales", Arthur Ransome.
  3. The tide was running very strong and the wind blowing hard, and, after nearly four hours hard work, we managed to land near the Rock Perch, thankful for our lives being spared. - "Recollections of Old Liverpool", A Nonagenarian.