Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to place or to a locality.

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Usage examples "local":

  1. The third greatest of all human beings- the local member of parliament- in the third place of honor; and a hunting scene, in the dark. - "Man and Wife", Wilkie Collins.
  2. The Local Board of 1866, looking round for some worthy object on which to spend their money, liked the old house so well that they ended its existence on the spot. - "Highways and Byways in Surrey", Eric Parker.
  3. I found the effect of this, very easily, as American as I liked- liked, that is, to think of it and to make all I might of it for being; about which in truth all difficulty vanished from the moment the local colour of the War broke in. - "Notes of a Son and Brother", Henry James.