Part of speech: verb

To form into a mass.

Part of speech: noun

An assemblage; principal part; quantity of matter in a body.

Part of speech: noun

The celebration of the eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church.

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Usage examples "mass":

  1. Chub checked the Hammond right- center and the two went to the ice together, a confused mass of legs and arms and sticks. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  2. It was only on the days she went to mass that she set eyes on the streets, and that was so early in the morning, that except on the way home she had not light to look about her. - "The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes", Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
  3. The storm came nearer and nearer; till at length a vivid flash broke from the mass of darkness over the woods, lasted for one brilliant moment, and vanished. - "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald.