Part of speech: noun

The act of bringing forth young.

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Usage examples "parturition":

  1. At times also the idea, instead of forcibly gushing and dying without consistence, dawns and poises in the fathomless limbo of the organs that give it birth; it tires us by its long parturition; then it develops and grows, is fertile, rich, and productive in the visible grace of youth and with all the qualities of longevity; it sustains the most inquiring glances, invites them, and never wearies them. - "Balzac", Frederick Lawton.
  2. I shall deliberately destroy your credit as an essayist, as a journalist, as a critic, as a Liberal, as everything that offers your laziness a refuge, until starvation and shame drive you to serious dramatic parturition. - "Gilbert Keith Chesterton", Maisie Ward.
  3. Mexico, now in the throes of national parturition, is logically the pioneer in the true socialistic form of government. - "Starr, of the Desert", B. M Bower.