What does the word orifice mean?

Usage examples for orifice

  1. Before you can say anything though he discovers a cavity or orifice of some sort in the base of your tooth. – Cobb's Anatomy by Irvin S. Cobb
  2. In these cases it is not only necessary to apply the caustic to the surface of the sore, but in every cavity or orifice which may be formed by the disease. – An Essay on the Application of the Lunar Caustic in the Cure of Certain Wounds and Ulcers by John Higginbottom
  3. Few people who are intimate with but the external form of the elephant would suppose that the bump just above the root of the trunk, at which the hunter takes aim for the " front shot," is really the seat of the organ of smell, the channels of which run down the trunk to the orifice at the end. – Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon by Robert A. Sterndale