Part of speech: noun

The process of covering walls, etc., with paper, or the paper so applied. paperhanging.

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Usage examples "papering":

  1. As it was, however, we received many of the citizens, who were so kind as to call on us, in the midst of all the confusion of plastering, papering, painting, and cleaning. - "McGill and its Story, 1821-1921", Cyrus Macmillan.
  2. Now it's up to us to do the papering and painting and to concoct some furniture. - "Ethel Morton at Rose House", Mabell S. C. Smith.
  3. I very soon had the old hotel in a condition suitable for business, by tearing down old partitions, building up new ones, papering and painting thoroughly, and adding a lot of new furniture and carpets. - "Twenty Years of Hus'ling", J. P. Johnston.