Part of speech: noun

A native red or yellow earth, of iron and clay, used as a pigment and as a paint.

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Usage examples "ochre":

  1. The village itself of stone houses, no two alike, all with character; gabled, mullioned, weathered to a delicate ochre- some standing back, some on the street. - "The Upton Letters", Arthur Christopher Benson.
  2. Sophia stepped inside, and on her right, built half against and half on the wall, she saw a little ochre- washed house with faded blue shutters. - "Beggars on Horseback", F. Tennyson Jesse.
  3. One of these plans has come down to us, in which the districts are coloured bright red, the mountains dull ochre, the roads dotted over with footmarks to show the direction to be taken, while the superscriptions give the local names, and inform us that the map represents the Bukhni mountain and a fortress and stele of Seti. - "History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 5 (of 12)", G. Maspero.